4 - Quantum Ethics

There are profound consequences of our actions in the anthropic multiverse. How do I end up in a particular universe? Perhaps our intentions make certain outcomes more likely. If, say, you intend on shooting high-powered rifles into a crowd of concertgoers, perhaps consider that you're going to end up in a universe where you survive, maimed and writhing in agony, forced to face the terrible consequences of your actions. Perhaps that's the most likely outcome where you persist. Whereas the most likely outcome of persisting for the concertgoers is a happy night out where fortunate events prevent the attack.

So make your intentions good. And end up persisting in a good & welcoming world.

The biggest takeaway from our place in the anthropic multiverse is that conditions could be tilted towards our existence and persistence. If there exists an outcome in which we persist, we'll find ourselves there. Our intentions make certain outcomes more likely.

A core lesson of Buddhism is that there's no way out. We can resist and whine, but at some point we need to develop the skill and courage to be happy and to make the world around us a good one. The sooner we do this the better.

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