Appendix - on Meditation

There was an interesting article about the interplay between emotions and rationality. When the author talks about not aggressively holding onto labels, he is basically talking about meditation.

In my experience, emotions - especially strong ones - generate discursive thought. "I wish I wasn't feeling this. He is to blame. If only I had this." It's always self-centered.

Meditation is the process of dropping discursive thought and feeling the emotions directly. That often takes courage. But, by eliminating distractions, we give ourselves no escape and at the same time the gentleness to feel without holding back. This leads to clear insights on your world.

And you realize that the whole process feels incredibly healthy. Over time it becomes easier to do outside of meditation, and life becomes one big learning process. Creative activities like morning pages start making a lot of sense. Things aren't so solid anymore - you see the holes in taking life so personally.

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