[Random Thoughts] On American Nostalgia

From a family lineage standpoint (mine and all those WASPy types), the glory days really were the 1800s. Free from the religious and societal repression of the old countries, these pioneers forged this country from nothing but freedom and their hard work. It was a simple time of family and communities of people just like them. There were occasional encounters with Indians, slaves and other people not like them, but they could stay insular and lead their humble lives while gloriously helping build this great country, having pride that they were the "good" people.

It was a simple time when all they had to rely on were themselves. Then came the Great Depression, the New Deal and Communism. Things started getting more complicated. Fast forward to today, and everything's now blended together. The government is omnipresent and taxes are relatively high. Global communications, entertainment and media make us aware of the vast problems in a vast world. The glory days are gone. But nostalgia for them has been building for the past hundred years, manifesting in the Republican Party today.